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Getting Started Checklist

Highchair - A secure and washable highchair that will allow your baby sit supported in an upright position. I would highly recommend the Stokke ​Tripp Trapp Highchair with harness. It brings your baby right to the table and includes them in family meal times. This will allow him or her to develop and learn alongside you. It also has a unique adjustable seat and footplate to ensure both back and feet are supported for any age.

Plastic Spoons – Always look for BPA free. Vital Baby Soft Tip Weaning Spoons are great for feeding first solids as they are perfectly shaped for little mouths and soft on babies gums. The comfortable curved handles help your baby to manage the grip.

Plastic Bowls - BFA free, durable, dishwasher safe plastic bowls are essential. Babies love to explore and play with their food so if you are worried about mess you may want to try a plastic suction bowl. The Vital Baby Unbelievabowl is a good option which will stick to your baby's highchair or tabletop.

Beaker with free flowing spout (no valve) - Your little one should learn to sip, not suck, drinks from as early an age as possible. This develops muscles important for speech development and is better for their teeth. The Doidy Cup is great for your little ones to learn to drink from a regular cup.


Long sleeved bibs – 3 or 4 long sleeved apron bibs are a good idea so that you always have a clean supply for at home and out and about. I found the IKEA apron bibs really great for all the mess.

Ice Cube Trays - Buy 1 or 2 good, durable 1 oz ice cube trays for freezing some purees for the initial few weeks.  


Lidded storage pots - It's a good idea to have a selection of various sized lidded storage pots so that you can bring food on the go with you and also freeze portions. I found these 60ml weaning pots very handy. 


Steriliser – Sterilise your feeding equipment if baby is under 6 months or was premature. Otherwise you can just wash in hot soapy water.


Hand Blender or Food Processor - If you’re making purees for the first stage of weaning, a blender will definitely speed up the process. You won’t be pureeing for that long but it can also be handy for pulsing the food to the required consistency as your baby gets used to more lumpy foods.

Insulated Food & Bottle Bag - Keep food, drinks and snacks cool when you're on the go. Choose one that is lightweight and durable that you can pop into the buggy or change bag. 



You may also want:​

Sieve – If you want to get the puree really smooth in the early days but not essential.


Travel or portable highchair / booster seat


Food Flask - An essential item for parents on the go. A food flask can hold liquids or solids, hot or cold for a number of hours. 


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